Studio Angelo is Nick Arcidy’s online portfolio. This Italian-American illustrator recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration. Great works with various styles inspired by high fashion, runway shows, electronic music, pulsating basslines, and video game

Marion Bolognesi is a New-York City based artist who splits her time between accessories design and a personal passion for watercolors paintings. Her style is very expressive and bold. Marion Bolognesi is having success with some commercial work in China for Rouge Magazine, she also has worked for T

Nicolas Nemiri is a French comic author and illustrator, early influenced by masters like Moebius or Pratt and who also have a true passion for Japanese comics. Nicolas Nemiri has developped a very mature and sensitive style through different journeys in Japan and China and he publishes drawings on

Manuel Rebollo AKA elgatoazul is an illustrator from Salamanca, Spain. he has developped a great fashion style with a mix of techniques and moods. Manuel Rebollo shows high skills for drawing, sketches and/or illustration. But also he obviously has a serious art background, mixing some various art i

James Gulliver Hancock is an illustrator who works between New York and his homeland studio in Sydney, Australia. He has been drawing for major print, TV and music publishing releases. He has also participated in projects in the USA the UK, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, France and Australia, taking h