Julian Landini is an art student, living in Berazategui, Argentina (south of Buenos Aires). His work is basically an attempt to celebrate the everyday life as a resource using sensuality, showing not only circumstances, but also people around him everyday. Julian Landini is not yet very well know bu

Nicola Felaco is an Italian graphic designer and Felasquez is his portfolio. Felasquez comes from a mix of artist name Velasquez with his surname Felaco… His research come from a mixed background in design, illustration, and technology. Using different kind of vectors each time, he paints abstract

Jennifer Collier is a famous paper artist from the UK. Her practice focuses on producing unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are recycled maps, postal cards or letters, then treated as if cloth (main technique employed being stit

Cruschiform is Marie-laure Cruschi’s creative studio based in Paris, france. Founded in 2007 and working on a great variety of projects from art direction to illustration. Marie-laure Cruschi loves to experiment for her clients such as cultural revues and fashion magazines, children book publi

Ekaterina Koroleva is an illustrator who was born in Russia, grew up in Berlin, and started her carreer in 2005 solding her first self-printed clothes. Then she exhibited in the art gallery Bethany and she trained as a graphic designer at the Berlin Lette. Ekaterina Koroleva now works as a freelance

Matthieu Forichon is a French illustrator and comic drawer who did a pretty series about parisian girls in a very simple and elegant manner. Matthieu Forichon knows the beauty of Paris and he has developped a quite vintage illustration style or “out of time” I should say, and dealing wit

Ali Cavanaugh is an American artist who has developed a process best described as modern fresco, where she applies watercolor to plaster panels. Ali Cavanaugh is fascinated by the dichotomy of the seen and unseen in the human condition… body and soul… Cavanaugh’s art brings to light the comple