Señor Salme is a self-taught artist, Spanish illustrator from Málaga, Spain and a true believer in the dignity of brushwork and traditional craftsmanship. Astronauts, masks, the uncanny and everything uncommon are ubiquitous subjects of his illustrations, which are rendered in a style reminiscent

Jan Feliks Kallwejt is a polish illustrator and designer, whos work is often complex and detailed, composed with simple shapes and a limited palette of colours. He also add some healthy dose of abstraction, humour and occasionally slight perversion. Jan Feliks Kallwejt is inspired by naive art, pop

Kurt Chang was born in El Monte, California. And then spent his childhood in Taiwan where he studied Chinese watercolor paintings. He begin his professional art training back in Las Vegas and graduated from Las Vegas Academy in the visual arts program, where he studied fine arts and learned many tra

Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Helsinki, Finland. She has studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Rhode Island School of Design, and has worked as a freelancer in both fields since 2006. After working for

Anna McKay is an artist and illustrator based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her work is very female-driven, both visually and in the expressed content, as long as she is a true feminist. She works digitally to create her strong, emotive artwork in the hope of empowering women. Her distinctive style