Hope Gangloff is a New-York based artist, doing acrylic paintings and awesome ink illustrations. The artist shows admiration for the people in her life (they become her subjects) and for the act of painting itself. A very personal and loving art that is also a vision of modern American life. Hope Ga

Since a few years we have seen DIY making a big come back. The reason why is a need for natural and affordable products, the opportunity to sell your own stuff on the internet, the wish for creative leisures, the idea of custom crafted things for everyone and the satisfaction to do something by your

Winnie Truong is a Canadian artist from Toronto with a particular interest for fashion and hairs. She creates large-scale drawings (pencil crayon and chalk pastel on paper), with a very detailed style as long as each individual stroke is visible. Winnie Truong explores notions of beauty and discomfo

Gina Martynova is a Russian Illustrator who has lived in Thailand, the UK and America. She attended London College of Fashion for her foundation year for fashion design and quickly realized her passion was in fashion illustration and then went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.

2010 is over, thanks a lot for your faithfulness. This last year, we had beautiful surprises here, I was lucky and met interesting people and also did great things like this community page on Facebook about Paper Art and an iPhone and iPad application gathering a high end selection of Paper Art port