Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary art and design studio based in Copenhagen. Founded by Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal in 2006, the studio has worked on illustrative and conceptual design in various fields for clients in Europe, Asia and the US. Whether in the digital realm or on a thr

Chris LaBrooy is a graphic designer and illustrator from Scotland. His typography projects are all rendered in 3D. The type is sometimes mixed with other objects to create impressive and colorful compositions. A very refreshing way to express familiar quotations. Chris LaBrooy is a 3D modeling artis

Karolin Schnoor is a German illustrator and designer based in London. Great style a bit Scandinavian sometimes I think, and with bold graphic compositions and large variety of colours. Karolin Schnoor also is a talented graphic designer. And if you’re looking for nice graphic stuff to buy for

Lobulo is an illustrator and paper artist from Barcelona, Spain actually based in London, UK. After more than 10 years of experience working for various graphic design and marketing studios in Barcelona, he started his on business, creating great paper things. Lobulo is a very creative guy and his p

Faunesque is Phil Constantinesco’s illustration portfolio. This French illustrator and motion designer based in Paris is the co-founder of Zurich29 (with Dorian Gourg). He has worked for MTV in Paris, as a motion designer and now mixes his work with both illustration and motion design. His com

There Will Be Unicorns is the online portfolio of Designer and Illustrator Thomas Henry Burden. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art’s (Graphic Design BA in 2007), he has mixed a freelance career with full-time jobs as a senior designer at leading design studios McfaulStudio and I L

Crispin Finn is London based duo Anna and Roger who make illustration, design, products and murals for a range of commercial clients. They have worked together for five years and they’ve set up their own screenprinting and design studio. Although all of their personal work appears exclusively in

Ciara Phelan is a freelance illustrator and paper craft artist working in North London. After graduating in 2008 from Graphic Design at Brighton University she worked as a junior in a small creative agency. Then in 2010 she started working on her own visual language and image making skills. She has

So Hyeon Kim is a South Korean illustrator. Illustrations and drawings with mixed media depicting feminine figures, and inspired by both the world of fairy tales and fashion. A stunning collection of portraits very inspiring. Represented by