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Michela Picchi is an italian cross-disciplinary artist who has chosen Berlin as her headquarters. From her German base, she produces creative ideas for magazines and brands, always with her own very personal approach, which draws inspiration from collage and visual illustrations.
 She has develo

The duo Yani & Guille is composed of Yanina Arabena and Guillermo Vizzari, two graphic designers from Argentina. They both teach Typography at the University of Buenos Aires where they met. Then they started to develop a personal project combining lettering, illustration and calligraphy, this b

Illustrator and artist Magda Wolna is based in Poznań, Poland. She mostly uses her own technique which is colourful monotype combined 
with paper cuts, stencils and ink stamps. Her works have been published in many polish magazines, including Wysokie Obcasy, Duży Format, Twój Styl, Charaktery,

Juan Carlos Paz also known as Bakea is a crazy illustrator, art director and sculptor who started by working for the advertising industry in Madrid, Spain. He creates a fantastic gallery of strange and sweet monsters or fantasy animals. Very colorful and mixed with vintage photographs of landscapes.

I have just discovered the work of Grip Face, a visual artist and illustrator living in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. His style his a graphic mix of different influences that is really cool. The paintings have something of a neo-vintage drawing line. Obviously street art is important for Grip Face who c