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Trucks is an obsessive series of Polaroids by graphic designer Clément Sanna. The idea is an accumulation of pictures done like some entomological exploration, based on a study of trucks he came across randomly, as if he was collecting insects under glass. The use of a Polaroid camera allow him to

Marilena Vainanidi is a Greek artist and photographer who has a fantastic portfolio showing lots of simple vintage style photographs. She has worked on theatre companies, record cover, Athens Video Art festival and Photo Festival and had a few solo exhibitions. Marilena Vainanidi obviously likes cin

Labokoff is a project created in 2007 by French artist Fabienne Rivory. She explores interactions between photography and painting, real world and imagination, memories and reality. The images are built around personal photographs mixed with paint that become an universal evocation of a place, a mem

Mark Tucker is an American photographer who is doing an indredible work through a series called “mothers” and where he is using wet plate collodion. This early photographic process was introduced in the 1850s and it requires the photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and

Yiorgos Kordakis is a Greek photographer who have some intimate relation with the sea. His series of large format Polaroid called “Global Summer” particularly stuck in my mind since 2008. Fascinated by summer holidays, Yiorgos Kordakis wanted to compare the way people enjoy the summer in

Olivia Bolles, better known as Olivia Bee, is a 18 years old American photographer from Portland, Oregon, who focuses on capturing the moments of teenage life. She photographs herself, friends, family and surroundings with a spontaneous and positive style and much experiment. At the age of 11, she p

Zim and Zou is a young French collective who’ve just released a great series of vintage electronics all made by hand with colorful paper. Zim and Zou are featuring in « Paper Art trends » our free iPhone and iPad app. Here is a short interview to learn a bit more about them… Who are [&hell