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Art director and designer Brian Won is also a great children’s books illustrator. His debut book, “Hooray for Hat!”, was published by
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
 A Chicago native, Brian Won graduated from California’s Art Center College of Design with an honorary ninth term

Illustrator and artist Magda Wolna is based in Poznań, Poland. She mostly uses her own technique which is colourful monotype combined 
with paper cuts, stencils and ink stamps. Her works have been published in many polish magazines, including Wysokie Obcasy, Duży Format, Twój Styl, Charaktery,

Born in 1984, Ario Anindito is a creative soul with experience in the areas of illustration, drawing and concepting. After studying Architecture at Parahyangan Catholic University, in West Java, Indonesia, he started to work with clients spanning from the biggest Indonesian cigarette company, PT. Dj

French set designer Mathilde Nivet who is also Paper designer, Illustrator and Art director, recently created a series of images for BE magazine. This playdough set design presented the montly jewel selection, photography by Marguerite Mai. Mathilde Nivet did workshops in France, Belgium and South K