Ytje is an illustrator from Haarlem, Netherlands. She recently developed a new style, done from paper cut, to complement her pencil work and digital drawings. With an elegant style, she expresses her versatility. Ytje is currently working on a series of Mad Men character portraits. To really get th

Kavan is the online portfolio of Matthew Kavan Brooks, a contemporary illustrator from Nottingham, combining different kind of contents with a fusion of modern artistic techniques. His personal style is pretty colorful and expressive, creating intense compositions. Since 2009, Kavan received many aw

Soulist Aurora is the artist name for Hajin Bae, a young illustrator and art director from Seoul, Korea. With a passion for eternal happiness she creates awesome and very colorful fashion, feminine beauty and youth illustrations, very well inspired and also inspiring. Electric colors and hairs drawn

Hylton Warburton is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Durban, South Africa. After working for an agency, he is now a freelancer since 6 years working for a range of international and local clients. Hylton Warburton has developed different skills in Illustration, Graphic Design, web design, Ch

Kareem Iliya is a New-York based fashion designer originally from Beirut, known for his beautiful silhouettes made of washed out tones and very simple shapes. The vibrant colours and combination of inks, pastels, textured papers and some computer manipulation give his illustrations a quite mystical

Deanna Halsall is an illustrator and artist based in the Manchester, UK. With her very sweet British style, she produces editorial, advertising, or interior work. She creates funny illustrations with a colorful sixties touch that reminds me of some illustrators from the past but Deanna Halsall has a

Adria Fruitos Illozoo is a contemporary and innovative illustration agency representing a combination of emerging and award-winning illustrators from around the world. If you’re art buyer or art director, you may be interested by this new and very international illustration agency. Illozoo rep

Vault49 is a design collective of 3D model-makers, set designers, screen printers, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers based in NYC. Nice 3D works (and inspiration) from illustration, type compositions to set design, using different kind of materials.