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Peter Greenwood is a UK based freelance illustrator living and working in the creative hub of Brighton. He works in a graphic style using vector based imagery. With a keen interest in art, music, space, old cars and colour he works across editorial, publishing and advertising to create bold iconic i

Jérôme Masi is a French graphic Designer and illustrator based in Annecy. Graduated from Emile Cohl / Lyon. He worked a few years in the game industry before starting a freelance career in 2005. “Mon Oeil” is the name of his Studio. Jérôme Masi was art director and co-founder of WMA,

Huddle Formation is a multi-disciplinary creative studio from UK that collaborate, make, illustrate and play to bring colourful ideas to life! They are Fi (founder/product designer of the B-Goods label and concept chief) and Ben (aka Ben the Illustrator, surface pattern designer and colour master).

French production agency Crafty in motion is directed by Marc Edelmann and Yann Kukucka and specialized in short movies with a high educational value and made with lots of different techniques and mediums (paper, cardboard, drawings, photography…) often crafted by hand. Of course they use stop mot

Graphic designer and illustrator Jake Gunn is actually a student in final year at the University of West England. He shows a great interest in poster design, portraits and animation, and obviously minimalistic design. This year Jake Gunn had a short experience at the BBC History Magazine. His minima

The designers at Hoefler & Co. just launched a new tool to chose a font in their awesome collection. Their font are a bit expansive but it is so beautiful, it’s worth the money. The new website allows you to pick up a font by its personality, in a natural environment and surrounded by oth