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“The Approximate Present” is a short animation created by Filippo Baraccani a couple of months ago. This incredible low-poly animation is a graduation project at the University of the Arts Bremen (northwestern Germany) in 2014. The animated film is about the weather – inspired and info

Caroline Valette and Raphaëlle Lasausse are both French graphic designer based in London and Bruxelles. Their Topaz project is a result of their collaboration and is a concept to fill an exhibition space about Materials. The duo created a 300 pages, hand-screen printed book, presented in a plexigla

Graphic designer and illustrator Jake Gunn is actually a student in final year at the University of West England. He shows a great interest in poster design, portraits and animation, and obviously minimalistic design. This year Jake Gunn had a short experience at the BBC History Magazine. His minima

Computer science student Matt Wisniewski did a personal project of spectral photo collages who gave him international recognition. He has created a particularly successful iteration by overlaying portraits with organic patterns. He came to the combination through experimentation. Natural elements fi

Celia Arellano is a very young graphic designer and illustrator from Spain currently living in Manchester, UK. She has a degree in Advertising (IED Madrid) and have recently graduated from Shillington College. I like her soft and elegant style. She shows only a few works in her portfolio but I hope

Fanette G. (standing for Fanette Guilloud) is a 21 years old French artist and photographer who recently moved to Paris after graduating from the ETPA school of Toulouse (Art school for photography and video game design). She works on a few personal projects and commissions as well. Fanette G. says

Alexandre Chamelat is a young French photographer studying at ETPA of Toulouse, he first studied computer science for 3 years in France and the 4th at Montréal, Québec. He has created different and interesting series mixing portrait experiment, landscapes, macro, color or black and white with a ve