Celia Arellano is a very young graphic designer and illustrator from Spain currently living in Manchester, UK. She has a degree in Advertising (IED Madrid) and have recently graduated from Shillington College. I like her soft and elegant style. She shows only a few works in her portfolio but I hope

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Marynn is a 22-years-old French illustrator and student in graphic design. 
She started illustration in 2010. 

Her awesome work is inspired by the every day life, her friends, music… 
The creative process for Marynn is to use several photographs in order to get a precious realistic point

Helen Friel is a freelance Paper Engineer and Illustrator, living and working in London. In 2009 she graduated from Central Saint Martin’s with a First in BA Graphic Design. Her great work has been featured in Papercraft (1 and 2), Grafik, Design Sponge Online and Aesthetica Magazine. Her clie

Tahel Maor is an artist and illustrator from Tel Aviv. Her style is particularly soft and delicate with a nice taste for mixing ideas. She uses different techniques like color pencils or water colors and also have a great series of photo manipulations and modern art scultures. No doubt you will take

Francesco Muzzi is an illustrator and graphic designer from Firenze, Italy. He’s got a very nice set of illustrations and typography work that is already featuring in numerous major publications. His style is very bold and organized, and the illustrations are mostly like detailed infographics. He&

Stephen Vuillemin is a French illustrator living in London, you also may follow him on He has developed a personal style drawing strange and humorous animated GIF. Producing work specifically for that format, he is commissioned to create moving illustrations for on line publicati

Natalia Sanabria is a young graphic designer and illustrator from San José, Costa Rica. Her fantastic work is focused on fashion illustration with a very feminine and detailed style. Vibrant colors and young trendy people drawn with a realistic point of view is her signature also she mostly likes t

Adam Tan is an artist and illustrator from west Auckland, New Zealand. Born from Malaysian-Chinese parents, he recently graduated with a bachelor of design from Auckland University of Technology and is now working as an illustrator in New Zealand. His personal style is awesome, certainly a very prom

Coby Wild is an illustrator showing much passion for colours, simplicity of form and perfectly weighted compositions. His work, mostly inspired by nature and with a plethora of contemporary references, is made of symmetry, fluidity and geometric forms. He has developed a very personal and unique sty