Illustrator Chris Sickels is from Greenfield, Indiana. He founded Red Nose Studio, where is created his world of sculpted puppets and miniature environments. The three-dimensional scenes are built strictly for photographic illustrations that will later be featured in magazines, books, and other mark

Juan Carlos Paz also known as Bakea is a crazy illustrator, art director and sculptor who started by working for the advertising industry in Madrid, Spain. He creates a fantastic gallery of strange and sweet monsters or fantasy animals. Very colorful and mixed with vintage photographs of landscapes.

Marina Todorova also known as Marina Muun is a Bulgarian born artist currently living in London. She takes inspiration from supernatural (or mythical) creatures and also the natural wonders that walk the Earth in her dreams or so. Her pieces just show simple but mysterious story-telling abilities si

Working at the intersection of sculpture, installation and photography, Elise is an artist and photographer living in London. Her complex installations use both two and three dimensions, and obviously all the necessary work to become a photograph. Her graphic constructions are very inspiring and sed