Natalie Nicklin is an artist who works combining different techniques from found images and photography to modern digital techniques and screen-printing. This is a very wide range of possibilities for this retroactive futurologist excavating the remains of a culture and society that never came to be

Illustrator and animator Jose Mendez is a Spanish young man based in London. Jose works in differents disciplines such as illustration, lettering and animation. His client list include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, BBC, Converse, Skoda, Wesc, Studio Output and Jess3 among others. Jose has exhibited h

Illustrator and cartoonist Eleanor Davis was born in Tucson, Arizona and now lives in Athens, Georgia. Her style is quite loose and very open with a very nice taste for composition and colors. I am a total fan of her characters and sense of humor. Her sketchblog is like a smart series about sex, psy

Amazing Malin Koort is an illustrator and artist living and working in Uppsala (Sweden). Mostly working with editorial illustration, but also creating book covers and furniture patterns. Writing and illustrating stories, building worlds out of paper, drawing never ending drawings and making tiny pap

Japanese graphic designer Ayaka Ito works for RoAndCo in New York City. Impressive skill set with achingly good design & illustration. Inspired by Goldsprints, “UrbanDaddy Cycling Classic” is a 60 second head to head bike race installation created for the 2011 Escape To New York Mus

Graphic designer and illustrator Jake Gunn is actually a student in final year at the University of West England. He shows a great interest in poster design, portraits and animation, and obviously minimalistic design. This year Jake Gunn had a short experience at the BBC History Magazine. His minima

Mixed media artist and photographer Natalie Shau is based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art. Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, theater, fashion magazines, w