After a few days off due to a server issue, I’d like to show you an editorial illustrator: Chiara Lanzieri (CLANZ) who is a young Italian graphic designer from Roma. Chiara graduated from the European Institute of Design. Her collage technique is a mix of medias with a nice balance between vin

French illustrator Vincent Mahé is based in Paris where he creates very original bold and contemporary vector illustrations to tell stories with a minimalist style. He works with a limited color palette and his compositions are very smart. Vincent studied Animation at Les Gobelins back in the decad

Graphic designer and illustrator Jacob Escobedo grew up in Pioche, Nevada, a small desert town three hours north of Las Vegas. His work, which combines organic elements with psychedelic shapes and colors, recalls the complexity of 19th-century etchings. He had exhibitions in galleries in Atlanta, La

Susie Wright is an illustrator and printmaker from Edinburgh, Scotland. Nice drawings of animals, with a thin line, very intricate and sometimes mixing different kind of objects. The travel sketches are great too, re-inventing the places with many interpretations. Since graduating from Edinburgh Col

Marisa Redondo is the artist behind River Luna, based in Northern California. She mostly works with watercolors and oils. Fascinated by nature’s creations and open spaces, she explores the organic patterns and intricate details she finds on everything from the earth, with her paintings. She ru

Gerren Lamson is an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. He is the chief creative officer and lead designer of Creative Market — a platform where independent creators buy & sell pre-made design content, a really great resource site to get original typefaces, Pho