Hello hatsu

Hello Hatsu ! set design by Pablo Alfieri

Pablo Alfieri has Directed the first spot of Hatsu and work with an amazing crew of talents. Put your headphones and roll it! Directed by Playful, a CG Still Life & Moving Pictures Studio founded by Pablo Alfieri, Creative Director. They work with customized teams of highly skilled CG specialists & artists, also talented friends that love their Playful philosophy and a new way to make things happen. Playful was born in 2016, short but productive period where they have been lucky enough to work with sexy brands just like Hatsu, Perrier, Covergirl, Soil, J.Lo Fragances, 24 Sevrès, Appy Fizz & Anagrama Festival. They are based in Buenos Aires & Barcelona (depending of the season) cause they love summer vibes…

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