Shawn Huckins is an American painter living in Denver, Colorado. He studied architecture and film before focusing on painting with inspiration from 18th century American neoclassical painters to 20th century pop artists. His work is developed like a contemporary discourse on American culture. He is

Pinterest is one of the most interesting tool to review and share your inspiration on the internet. Since a few months it has improved several functions and I must confess I’ve stopped using most of its challengers… So if you don’t already use Pinterest, just go for it !

Skipped heart beats is Irina Munteanu’s portfolio on Flickr. Irina is a very young photographer from Constan?a, Romania. She currently is in highschool and getting ready for college, planning to stay in the photography world. Her photographs are expressing emotions or words she couldn’t shap

Kevin Cyr is an artist from New-York City who creates contemporary installations and oil paintings mostly about vehicles and mobile homes. With some realistic old fashion representation he did these great van series. His large-scale installations also explore the idea of shelters and mobility, like

Sandrine Estrade Boulet is a French artist who creates very a very original kind of street art, picking up some twisted situation on the streets of Paris and making them a new amazing composition. Probably inspired by comics she sees monsters or people where anyone would see… nothing. Her art is v

Jennifer Collier is a famous paper artist from the UK. Her practice focuses on producing unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are recycled maps, postal cards or letters, then treated as if cloth (main technique employed being stit