Fanette G. (standing for Fanette Guilloud) is a 21 years old French artist and photographer who recently moved to Paris after graduating from the ETPA school of Toulouse (Art school for photography and video game design). She works on a few personal projects and commissions as well. Fanette G. says

Paper Art trends on Flipboard is an on line magazine about Paper Art. It aggregates RSS feeds from different design related sites and blogs and you can easily browse its content on any kind of electronic devise, and even subscribe to it because the content is renewed very often. If you like it, then

Tahel Maor is an artist and illustrator from Tel Aviv. Her style is particularly soft and delicate with a nice taste for mixing ideas. She uses different techniques like color pencils or water colors and also have a great series of photo manipulations and modern art scultures. No doubt you will take

Adam Tan is an artist and illustrator from west Auckland, New Zealand. Born from Malaysian-Chinese parents, he recently graduated with a bachelor of design from Auckland University of Technology and is now working as an illustrator in New Zealand. His personal style is awesome, certainly a very prom

Kouichi Chiba is a talented photographer from Shizuoka, japan. Kouichi creates fragile and lovely small worlds, where paper characters thrive and go on adventures. The pictures are very minimalist and colorful, the photography work is obviously sophisticated with a great use of bokhe effects. This i

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