Elod Beregszaszi has just released a Japanese Tea House (Tsunami Relief). This origamic architecture card (hand folded and signed), dimensions: 144mm x 103mm when closed ?(envelope supplied) cost only £10.00, free postage, all profits go to those made homeless by the tsunami in Japan. I’ve ju

Jaimie Warren is a performance artist and photographer from Kansas City, Missouri. She creates amazing series of funny photographs and self-portraits with a very free snapshot style. The compositions are more or less subtile or theatrical, showing food, trash, portraits and parties. Jaimie Warren is

Asger Carlsen is a Danish-born artist based in New-York. Through his digital manipulation, animals become half human, people have two heads and welcome to a strange hallucinatory dimension. By employing a traditional black and white palette, Wrong peers past reality into a parallel existence. The ha

Hope Gangloff is a New-York based artist, doing acrylic paintings and awesome ink illustrations. The artist shows admiration for the people in her life (they become her subjects) and for the act of painting itself. A very personal and loving art that is also a vision of modern American life. Hope Ga