Origami, kirigami or set design: paper is the hot trend!

Since a few years we have seen DIY making a big come back. The reason why is a need for natural and affordable products, the opportunity to sell your own stuff on the internet, the wish for creative leisures, the idea of custom crafted things for everyone and the satisfaction to do something by yourself instead of buying it. Beside this deep trend, we’ve seen young artists, designers, architects, or stylists experimenting stunning things with a medium that was supposed to be dead: paper.
Paper do not fit very well with internet. It’ not tactile, and we lose many of paper’s particular qualities. But contemporary paper art and compositions are very spectacular and finally the internet loves it.
These past few months I get closer to this community of artists who have chosen paper as a trendy medium. They have said it’s simple, imperfect, humble, expressive, soft, cutting, flexible, sensual, tactile, fragile, thin, dense, familiar, alive, complex, universal… and they have given me interviews, images and videos…
So I decided to spend a small part of my time to promote these artworks and this community. You’ll find a great sample of all this on Facebook: there is now a page called Paper Art trends and also on a free application for iPhone and iPad. This app gives you the opportunity to watch some of the best Paper Art portfolios on the go, and discover new stuff every month. It’s a simple and light application, so why not try it? However, part of the content of the app will be published regularly on Partfaliaz. Then please, just stay tuned or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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