Ana Bidart is an artist from Uruguay, living in Mexico City. Empty crates, packing materials, waste of all kinds are the vocabulary of Bidart’s semiotics of quasi-objects. Some of the Artworks originally used to be sedentary and passive, now are nomadic and hyperactive. Tracking numbers and sh

Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot is also a curator who collects photographs and publishes one daily on her blog “Please Excuse The Mess”. She enjoys all things colorful, humorous and edible. Stephanie Gonot‘s photographs are deceptively simple but incredibly original. She

Australian artist Ben Frost is known for his Pop Art mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photo-realism and sign-writing. Ben Frost will be opening his latest one-man show this Saturday at SOZE Gallery in Downtown LA. Entitled “Know Your Product”, t