Oriol Angrill Jorda is an artist and illustrator from Spain. He has lived in London UK where he increased his skills doing a course of printmaking at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and life drawing at The Art Academy. Oriol Angrill Jorda is very skilled with technics like pastel,

Alain Delorme is a young French artist who actually shows two of his most famous photographs series “Totems” and “little dolls”. Let’s have a look back to the older one, inspired by the advertising aesthetic, Alain Delorme created a series of images mixing innocent yout

The new generation of illustrators using watercolor is amazing by its diversity. Including Marion Bolognesi, Violeta Hernández, Ahnna Lim, Anna Halarewicz, Ann Field, Paul Alexander Thornton, Katrin Funcke, Sarah Larnach, Betsy Walton, Elodie, Telmolindo, Cecilia Carlstedt, Gina Martynova, Jaume Vi

Joshua Hibbert is a versatile artist from London, he recently graduated from London College of Communication and is currently working freelance in typography, illustration and sound design. I’ve been surprised by his various digital experiment, with a very personal style, mixing paintings, pho

Stella Im Hultberg is a painter based in Brooklyn, NYC. She was born in South Korea, lived in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and then in California. She has studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before starting art in late 2005. Her paintings and drawings are filled with long dark ha

Aurelien Juner is a French art director who likes to mix ideas, medias and styles. He created a great series of personal photographic experiment called “Surface”. He studies the nature of fashion magazines as a medium of “mass culture”, an idealized universe and their connect

A couple of years ago I started a project of illustration agencies directory. That was a tool I needed and it was fun to build it and share it on Today I launch a new version of this international illustration agencies and representatives directory, with a new simple design allowing

Laurindo Feliciano is a Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Paris, France. He’s always been experimenting different techniques and searching for new ways to materialize some personal obsessions before starting a career in illustration. His familiar tools are scissors,

Sylwana Zybura is a very innovative fashion photographer and surrealist artist who have a master degree in Linguistics, lives in London and shows interest on film direction. Her very unique dramatic compositions is a mix of sculpture, costumes and interaction between body and space. For Sylwana Zybu