Mark Tucker is an American photographer who is doing an indredible work through a series called “mothers” and where he is using wet plate collodion. This early photographic process was introduced in the 1850s and it requires the photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and

Eric Weeks is an American artist who received a MFA from Yale University in 1994. His work involves the contemplation and exploration into the nature of human relationships, while making narrative photographs that reference a wide-range of cultural influences. Eric Weeks did series of photographs of

Jennifer Bruget is a French artist who is experimenting the art of photographic self-portrait with some computer wizardry. Her work is not narcissistic but certainly melancholic. She has exhibited in several countries and also featured in Vogue Italy. A promising portfolio. Here you can jump to the

Keiko McCartney is a 19 years old Spanish freelance photographer and writer currently studying German Studies at University. Sometimes the fears of the human being are included in her images, but most of her ideas are the meaning of melancholy thoughts and longings. Every picture telling a story.

Yiorgos Kordakis is a Greek photographer who have some intimate relation with the sea. His series of large format Polaroid called “Global Summer” particularly stuck in my mind since 2008. Fascinated by summer holidays, Yiorgos Kordakis wanted to compare the way people enjoy the summer in

Lee Towndrow was a designer and flame artist before being a photographer so he has obviously lots of graphic skills. Originally from Canada he moved in different places, working through different lattitudes and cultures and he is now based in NYC. I would suggest to watch the Paper Portraits where a

Olivia Bolles, better known as Olivia Bee, is a 18 years old American photographer from Portland, Oregon, who focuses on capturing the moments of teenage life. She photographs herself, friends, family and surroundings with a spontaneous and positive style and much experiment. At the age of 11, she p

Charles Helleu is a French photographer known for his great and creative stills and fashion editorials. His last series is a very beautiful mix of paper and stones, two basic elements to create very sophisticated pictures with a soft emotion. Lights, compositions, folds are amazing of perfection wit