Jaimie Warren is a performance artist and photographer from Kansas City, Missouri. She creates amazing series of funny photographs and self-portraits with a very free snapshot style. The compositions are more or less subtile or theatrical, showing food, trash, portraits and parties. Jaimie Warren is

Asger Carlsen is a Danish-born artist based in New-York. Through his digital manipulation, animals become half human, people have two heads and welcome to a strange hallucinatory dimension. By employing a traditional black and white palette, Wrong peers past reality into a parallel existence. The ha

Pierre Beteille was art director for 10 years and is now working as a photographer specializing in editing and photo manipulation. He worked during 3 years for prestigious Studio Harcourt and did lots of retouching for travel photographer Eric Lafforgue. In his series “books” Pierre Bete

2010 is over, thanks a lot for your faithfulness. This last year, we had beautiful surprises here, I was lucky and met interesting people and also did great things like this community page on Facebook about Paper Art and an iPhone and iPad application gathering a high end selection of Paper Art port