Design d'intérieur de voiture par Thomas Lienhart

Interior car design by Thomas Lienhart

Young French designer Thomas Lienhart, recently graduated from Strate, a design school near Paris, was awarded « Best Conceptual Interior » for his project “Bugatti Royale” at the Car Design Award Global 2015. His innovating idea, is built from only 10 parts, that answers qustions about lightness for luxury automobile. Passionated by minimal design ans specialised in interior car design, Thomas Lienhart answered our questions, in a short interview in french.

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  • Stephane De Roche

    Dear Thomas

    Please visit and click on the second icon AIFET. I am simply an inventor/ electro-mechanic engineer. I am still in the planing process of the project on my own and I am wondering if you like to help me in this project as an apprentice. If you are interested, then please contact me directly: in english or french does not matter. Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Stephane De Roche

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