maybe merlin i've got a feeling

MAYBE MERLIN – I’ve got a feeling

Maybe Merlin is a Franco-British pop group, resulting from the meeting of Georgia Ives and Vincent Brülin.

Georgia Ives was a dancer performer with Jean-Claude Gallotta, choreographer for the music industry (Feu! Chatterton, Laura Cahen, or Fils Cara) and cinema (En attendant les hirondelles, La forêt de quinconces).

Vincent Brülin is an artist producer, multi-instrumentalist singer, having taken part in several musical projects (Macadam Crocodile, Brülin, Fortune, Alain Chamfort, Izia, or Mezerg).

They meet in Montreuil (93) at Studio Henriette in early 2020 around texts left by Paul Ives, singer-songwriter, father of Georgia who left in 2007.

The emotion of the compositions is revealed through an organic musical color, a sensitive and airy pop. The warmth of the voices, the languorous tempos and the refined productions fully define the identity of Maybe Merlin.

Very quickly they surround themselves with Emiliano Turi (Jeanne Added, Don Turi), who comes to record drums with a clear and strong groove. But also Boris Bergman (Bashung, The Prodigy, Kanye West), Nosfell and Yan Goro (Gush) for writing evocative texts that are sometimes mystical or personal.

Taken from their first EP “I’ve Got a Feeling”: A haunting plea that follows the moment when everything changes, when we realize the illusion in which we lived and the void to be filled. I’ve got a feeling is this universal cry from the heart, this feigned guilt, which allows you to free yourself and open the door to the promise of a new world.

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