Travel sketchbook by Elinor Fahrman


Elinor Fahrman aka Baby Soul, is a Swedish born artist and illustrator who has lived in London since 1995. Her site shows a great collection of sketches she did around the world. Some mixing drawings and photos. Elinor Fahrman is also a famous DJ, specializing in 50’s to late 60’s r’n’b, blues and soul, branching into country, ska, rocksteady, gospel and rock’n’roll. She’s played in Japan at the Fuji Rock festival, in New York and in France as well as in all the top clubs in her native Stockholm. In January 2008 she travelled to Australia and New Zealand for three weeks where she DJ’d for their biggest festival, the Big Day Out. She also DJ’s around London and England at various festivals, clubs and private parties.


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