Kevin Dart and swinging 60’s spy girl


Kevin Dart is a freelance illustrator living in Southern California whos’ just released his new book “The World of Yuki 7” featuring swinging 60’s spy girl, Yuki 7. Seductive, intelligent, and charming, Yuki romps through film after film, vanquishing villains while looking fabulous. Since these madcap movies exist only in his imagination, Kevin has brought Yuki’s world to life through a collection of original artwork and stories.
Kevin Dart is also co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal, created in 2006 with Chris Turnham. Both artists share a common desire to create high quality printed material and art that would look great on the wall. Since opening, Fleet Street has shipped prints across the globe, and in 2007 published their first book, “Fleet Street Scandal: A Collection.” Also, there you may pre-order “The World of Yuki 7” (begins shipping July 3, 2009)… Lire cet article en Français.


“A Kiss From Tokyo” Theatrical trailer, drawings: Kevin Dart, co-directed and beautifully animated by Stephane coedel (animator), music: Cyrille Marchesseau

[vimeo width=”560″ height=”315″][/vimeo]

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  • ceegee

    Très beau style, le jeu entre aplats et traits est juste superbe ! un peu moins fan de l’animation par contre. Merci de cette découverte !

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