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Alexis Facca created Paper Donut collective with the help of a few versatile artists: Justine Ricaud, Fanette Guilloud, Benoît Brulbault, creating great colorful compositions… Alexis Facca just has joined our project « Paper Art trends » and is now featuring in the free iPhone and iPad app. Here is a short interview to learn a bit more about Paper Donut…

Who are you?

Alexis Facca, art director and web/dev at lost hours. I created Paper Donut in Septembre 2009, that quickly became a collective after the repeated help of Fanette Guilloud (for the photographs) or Justine Ricaud.

How did you come to work with paper ?

During my studies I had a subject about paper. Then I started to explore the possibilities offered by such a material. I was seduced and quickly started with little volumes that I tried to propose for commissionned posters or flyers that I did beside school.

Can you describe your work, your personal style?

Bright colors applied to geometric shapes. Very few curves (apart from the lamp Nebula). Contrary to what a few people may think: “No. We’re not obsessed with food!”

What qualifiers would you use talking about paper?

Ephemeral, infinitely colorful, delicate, adjustable at will.

What do you like best about what you do?

I really don’t have any preference. What I like is precisely the diversity offered by the paper. It leads us to work at different scales in different sectors for large sets, or small volumes, transmitting a strong message for an advertising campaign or finding ingenious solutions for packaging.

In your imagination, is paper hot or cold?

Hot and cold, it’s true that for many the paper is white, that means cold. But as I said it can be infinitely colorful, it offers dozens of combinations of warm colors.

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