Etienne Bardelli AKA Akroe update

wallpaper design by Etienne Bardelli AKA Akroe

Etienne Bardelli is a French renowned artist and graphic designer working in Paris. He is famous for his sleeve design, pattern design, wallpaper design and contemporary sculptures, photographs or monumental installations. During ten years he created record covers and label identities, including Institubes A.D., Rise identity, TTC artworks and sleeves for early EP of Tacteel, Paraone, Dj Orgasmic, Teki Latex, Yuksek, Jupiter, Anoraak among others… Etienne Bardelli has just updated his online portfolio.

this is a link to the French versionEtienne Bardelli AKA Akroe updateEtienne Bardelli AKA Akroe updateEtienne Bardelli AKA Akroe updatePlease subscribe to our RSS feed

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