Sophisticated fashion shots by Andy Julia


Andy Julia is a fashion photographer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Paris. After learning drawing, painting and Art history at Paris Fine Arts School and following technical audiovisual and photography studies in France he started working at Daylight Studios. Interested by creating some harmony between past and contemporary aesthetics. Beautiful and sophisticated fashion photographs. Andy Julia works for clients like Diva, Ni-Search, Nuits de Satin Paris, Trash Couture, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Sabrina Nadal, Paris Axe cosmetic, Fanny Liautard, Orkus and SPV Zoomica, Figaro Madame, Telecaster, Mazlo Jewelry and magazine like So, Code D’accès, Lush, Wear Magazine, Oyster, Ekwo, Elegy, Orkus, Marquis, Sniper Japan, Marie France, Psychic…


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