Verónica Blejman, minimalist drawings


Verónica Blejman is an artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina after 6 years spent in Barcelona. Her beautiful drawings and paintings are created with minimalist colour palette and inspired by every day poetry. The characters have no face and are standing still but a few details and words are enough to tell the story with a subtil humor. On her site we can see the evolution of the drawing line since a few years. The paintings are more abstract with strong compositions. Verónica Blejman’s work features in different sites and magazines around the world, also she was part of many exhibitions (individuals and collectives) at different galleries like: The Gallery Base Elements (Spain), Crimson Gallery (Arg), Noventa Grados (Spain), Mau Mau (Spain), Kitchen Gallery (Spain), Artists love Barcelona (Spain), Contrast (Spain), & Sevilla Art Space (Arg)… Lire cet article en Français.


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