Portraits and illustrations by Patrick J. McQuade


Patrick J. McQuade is an illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Syracuse University BFA Illustration. He creates his illustrations using traditional tools. Patrick J. McQuade’s clients have included MTV Books, Revolver Magazine, The SciFi Channel, Colors Magazine subTerrain Magazine, Royal Flush Magazine and Rykodisc Records… His book “Magical Tales of Enchanted Mysteriousness” – Vol. One – is an illustrated collection of fantasy, horror, humor and the absurd. 29 tales, poems and songs, including such notables as “The Old Man on the Hill”, “Beets McGee”, “Holiday Poems for the Brave”, “The Greatest Eater in All of Coppington”, “Crabface the Genie Doctor”, “The Blood of Zornak” & “The Fantastic Vision of Gad Felori”.


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