Neo-Retro illustration by Nazario Graziano


Nazario Graziano is an Italian Art director and illustrator. He studied graphic design and founded magazine RevolverLover ANTI. He is inspired by music, movies, football, old books, skateboarding, photography, old Robots, creatures from Mars, snow, spring wind, autumn leaves, old pencil, and so much more… Nazario Graziano says about his style of illustration: “it’s romantic, Ironic, non-conformist, modern & retro at the same time, a right mix between analog and digital. ” His recent collaborations are with MTV, New York Magazine, Toyota, Chicago Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Adam Freeland / Marine Parade, Mannarino/Universal, RandomHouse book… Also published in IdN, Novum, Fl@33, Vict:ovary, Grafuck, Visual, Bak, New Web Pick, Grab… Represented by Colagene, illustration clinic.


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