Gina Martynova between pop surrealism and fashion illustration

Gina Martynova is a Russian Illustrator who has lived in Thailand, the UK and America. She attended London College of Fashion for her foundation year for fashion design and quickly realized her passion was in fashion illustration and then went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. She currently goes between New York City and Moscow, Russia and does freelance work as well as gallery shows.
Gina Martynova’s style is surreal, whimsical and fresh. Something in between pop surrealism and fashion illustration. It is inspired by Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, Takashi Murakami and Ivan Bilibin. It is also influenced by fashion, music, world cultures and some unique patterns found in nature. The style is strong in the line work and draftsmanship as well as in decoration and fashion conceptualization. Gina Martynova’s series abstract, Botanika, Seven deadly sins, Starry, Sea of Tales are very beautiful. The series ‘Starry Black and White’ was recently shown at Colored Thumb gallery during the Miami Art Basel 2010 show.


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