JSR illustration agency, UK

JSR illustration agency, UK

JSR Agency is a photographer, illustrator, director and CGI artist management and production agency. Their artists are select, JSR represent them because they prize their craft and excel at what they do; together they are a team capable of delivering across all platforms, formats and budgets, whether it’s print, TV or online.

The illustrators represented are: Alán Guzmán, Carla Lucena, Ewelina Dymek, Greg Coulton, Harrison Edwards, Iain Macarthur, Kareena Zerefos, Luke Waller, Neil Stevens, Raid71, Yippiehey, Yuschav Arly, Assa Ariyoshi, Diana Beltrán Herrera, Emmanuele Colombo, Joseph Vass, Musketon, R. Fresson, Kim Sielbeck

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