Colagene creative clinic – illustration agency

International illustration agency based in Europe and North America, Colagene has a reputation as an innovative and competitive illustration agency, thanks to its unique concept, its insatiable thirst for new challenges and, above all, the quality of its managerial involvement in projects. Our trademark is the Clinic, a customized service that aims to emphasize beauty in producing business projects. At Colagene, “taking care of your image” isn’t just a figure of speech — for every project, we bring out the best of its qualities, using surgical precision to give life to innovative visuals. Representing: Mike Hughes, Benoit Tardif, Francis Léveillée, Victoria Bee, Antonio Uve, Laura Liedo, Juanjo Gasull, David Despau, Giordano Poloni, Owen Gent, Ëlodie, Stephanie F. Scholz, Pablo Pasadas, Steve Scott, Silke Werzinger, Jérôme Mireault, Joluvian, Amaël Isnard, Les Tontons Makers, Annick Poirier, Emmanuel Polanco, Tonwen Jones, Nazario Graziano, Florent Hauchard, Anne Cresci

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