The making of “Human Body” by Kelli Anderson

The making of "Human Body" by Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson recently did a great design and illustration work for her friends at Tinybop who have released their first app “The Human Body”, in which kids over 4 years old can see what we’re made of and how it works, from the beating heart to gurgling guts. In this first app, the body is brought to life with interactive animations and particle physics that means 200-odd illustrations of bones, veins, nerves, teeth, guts, and chewed-up-food of which it is comprised. Anything that a real body does, this body does,it eats, digests, pumps blood, gets sick, burps, runs in place, at multiple zoom levels with a realistic variety of responses to the user’s interaction.
To promote the app, Kelli Anderson did a fantastic stop motion animation all made from paper, that you can see below. It demonstrates The Human Body’s functions, enlivened with crunch, breath, and plunk sounds made from paper. Kelli saved up a pile of assorted paper goods for a week and wrinkled, tore, and otherwise abused them to make sound representative of a heartbeat, nervous system electricity, digestion plops, ec.

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