The art of mixing digital and traditional illustrations: hellozso


Hellozso is Sara Blake’s digital name and illustration portfolio. She is an Interactive Art Director, Designer and Illustrator living in New York City. Zso likes extremeness, she works by day in a famous digital design agency and as an illustrator by night, also she recently joined the KDU network. Sara Blake’s clients are like Yen Magazine, The KDU or Koko & Me. She’ll also be having her very first solo gallery show at Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney, Australia, September 2010. You can see many different videos of her work process on Vimeo. Sara Blake did several art collaborations and already have lots of publications.


Just a portion of the computer part of Sara Blake’s process for a skateboard deck design.

[vimeo width=”560″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

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