Violeta Hernández, subtle romantic illustrations

Violeta Hernández is an llustrator & Graphic Designer from Monterrey, Mexico. Her work centers on feminine esthetics and art toys. She finds herself at ease in drawing, paper texture, the effervescence of colour, inks, shades and fine lines that can only be obtained when working by hand. Violeta Hernández is a member of the rising creative class from Monterrey, being featured in individual expos such as “Exótica” at the Arte Cocodrilo Gallery (Mty, Mx 2010) and diverse collective expositions such as “El Arca de Neón” (DF, Mx. 2007), “El Último Mono” (Barcelona, Spain 2009), “Animalia” (Mty, Mx 2010), & “Muera el Perro” at the Pristine Galerie (Mty, Mx 2011).


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