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Pedro Veneziano is a Brasilia graphic designer, illustrator and art director who has lived and worked in Bauru, New-York, Sao Paulo and Barcelona. Using mixed visual languages he creates eye-catching imagery for brands, people and projects. He has worked for Youtube, Nike, Adidas, Spotify, Twitter,

Pekelo is a new French illustration agency with a nice selection of artists, all having an original and contemporary style. The agency also is a place of creation, always illustrated, giving a chance to spread the most beautiful stories. The young talents represented by Pekelo work for communication

Vera van Wolferen is a Dutch visual artist who creates intricate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of paper, cardboard and wood. As a playful escapist she creates ‘Story Objects’, mostly miniature sculptures that look like sets for animated films. Her dreamt-up architectural worlds are veh