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Charles Helleu is a French photographer known for his great and creative stills and fashion editorials. His last series is a very beautiful mix of paper and stones, two basic elements to create very sophisticated pictures with a soft emotion. Lights, compositions, folds are amazing of perfection wit

Aldous Massie is an artist, designer and illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. His retro-futuristic illustrations are outstanding. A very original style for art and design, including collaborative work with famous art directors and photographers worldwide.

Walter Hansen is a Wellington based designer (New-Zealand) with a passion for typography, graphic shapes and solid colour. He takes inspiration from New Zealand flora and fauna, scientific trivia and humour. For him, printing methods and materials are as important as the design itself in order to cr

Bastardgraphics is the online portfolio of famous graphic designer Julien Rivoire working since 2001 in Lyon, France. Working as art director, illustrator or designer he creates unique posters with a great personal style inspired by the eighties. He also is a member of WOOD (Visual Collective), mixi

Etienne Bardelli is a French renowned artist and graphic designer working in Paris. He is famous for his sleeve design, pattern design, wallpaper design and contemporary sculptures, photographs or monumental installations. During ten years he created record covers and label identities, including Ins

Jim Kazanjian has worked professionally as a commercial CGI artist for the past 18 years in television and game production. His clients list include: Nike, Adidas, NBC, CBS, HBO, NASA, HP, Intel and others. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. With photographs found online, Jim Kazanjian creates

Jeremy Kool is a 3D artist and Graphic Designer living in Melbourne, Australia. In a smart series entitled “The Paper Fox” he reproduces the art of folding paper (origami) with digital tools, and it’s really amazing of realism. His goal is to rise funds in order to create an intera

Coming Soon is a creative studio from Wetteren, Belgium. From corporate identity to wall design, they are very talented in their graphic design and to show their work. It’s even difficult to choose a picture featuring their work as long as it is versatile and various… 15 years VIB (life scie

Jackson Alves is a graphic and type designer, but also illustrator and teacher based in Curitiba, in the south of Brazil. He creates lettering for identity, T-shirt or advertising, mixing callygraphy with computer drawing and shares his creative process, his techniques, and great results.

Leviathan is a Chicago-based production studio creating large-scale visual experiences across all media. Since launching in 2010, the studio’s collaborations with agencies, brands and leading filmmakers have resulted in sensational projects across all markets and industries. Leveraging the tal

Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish illustrator currently living and working in New York City. After working in industrial design, he discovers 3D techniques and decide to create illustrations and abstract patterns. His animated illustrations are obviously computer generated. Santtu Mustonen is represented