"women of history" from Peter Lippmann

Stunning photographies from Peter Lippmann

"women of history" from Peter Lippmann

Peter Lippmann is an American photographer based in Paris. He produced “Women of history”, a great series for shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Directly inspired by famous classical paintings from Georges de La Tour, François Clouet or James Whistler, photographer Peter Lippmann re-created this masterpieces including pieces of the new Louboutin Collection. In a series called “Paradise Parking” he shows images of old cars slowly disappearing surrounded by nature… The “Noble ? Rot” series shows rotten grapes in a very original and beautiful way…
Peter Lippmann has worked for prestigious magazines like Marie Claire 2, Cartier Art, Vogue Italy, Angeline Magazine, New-York Times style magazine and major advertising agencies worldwide.

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