Intimate portrait by Sannah Kvist

Intimate photographies by Sannah Kvist

Intimate portrait by Sannah Kvist

Sannah Kvist is an artist, freelance photographer and photo editor based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. She has great series of pictures shot on familiar landscapes or with friends. I noticed the series “all I own” in which the participants, who are students born in the 80’s, compose a sort of natural set with all they own. This reminds me of “Material world, a global family portrait” a book by Peter Menzel (1994) who captured the material life of average families around the globe, offering extraordinary images of families in front of their dwellings with all of their possessions. Sannah Kvist is refreshing this idea with an intimate look on students in her country.

this is a link to the French version"all I own" by Sannah KvistIntimate photographies by Sannah Kvistself-portrait by Sannah KvistPlease subscribe to our RSS feed

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