Composition of the truth, photographs by Christophe Beauregard

Christophe Beauregard is French photographer living in Paris. Beyond the photographic process, he addresses the issues of double, artifice, language games, and sensory devices (music, light) used or invented by anonymous. This gives series of shots that are never spontaneous, but always the result of a staging and photographic composition. That’s why he says his photographs are “images falsely reassuring and falsely kind. ”
In his series called “chirurgie” about cosmetic surgery, he neglects surgery scars and other pictures of “before and after”, to just shot anonymous faces, all surgically retouched. (Manual of Aesthetic, 2005, Editions Filigranes).
In another series, he takes a look on the homeless and produces images composed with actors. Doing so he confronts a picture language versus a state of perception, and questions the production of images in the media rhetoric. It depicts men and women in “poor people” postures. These fictions are published in the book “Semantic tramps” Editions Filigranes (2008), with an original text by Arlette Farge. One day, Christophe Beauregard decided to shoot Northern Europe anonymous users of mobile technology (MP3 players, laptops, consoles games …). He asked them to sit without there electronic or mobile devices (series “Technomades”, published in the collective work Europe-Ladder 27 in Transphotographic press / Signatures). Today Christophe Beauregard has a personal artistic career and do collaborations with various magazines.


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