Creative paper in the digital age, interview of Véronique Vienne

Interview of Véronique Vienne about the “Book of 12”

Read the interview of Véronique Vienne editor of the amazing “Book of 12”, she conducted 12 interviews in 12 notebooks by 12 icons of international graphic design. With subjects like: is it possible to reconcile the instantaneous nature of electronic media with the slower but almost sensual process of choosing a typeface or a printing or production technique? How can the role of paper be evaluated in terms of effectiveness in communicating a concept, an idea or a message? A short and interesting interview about an amazing book.


The designers featuring in the Book of 12 are: Hans Wolkers, Reza Abedini, Michal Batory, Catherine Zask, Elaine Ramos, Leonardo Sonnoli, Eike König, Milton Glaser, Park Kum-Jun, Flavia Cocchi, Kaija Korpijaakko, and Daniel Eatock.


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