Lionel bayol-Themines, human identity


Lionel bayol-Themines is a photographer and video artist living in Paris. He is a permanent resident of the National Foundation for Graphic and Plastic Arts in Paris Since 2004. In a work called “Titans’ Land” and consisted of different series, Lionel Bayol-Themines hide his sitter’s face with Mexican wrestler masks of the fifties. People are seen in their daily intimacy, in familiar situations but the artist shows a distorted form of our reality. Intimity is at the centre of this project, a type of ethnographic document, reflecting the titanes everyday life and their most common gestures. These Titanes are watching us. Lionel bayol-Themines also uses advertising spaces to give his project a frame, it is called “landscape invasion”. Titans’ Land is a work in progress started in 2006. Lire l’article en Français.


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