Sketches and digital paintings by Seth Engstrom


Seth Engstrom is a concept artist, layout artist and background painter who’ve worked for Tim Burton, Pixar and Dreamworks. He contributed on “John Carter of Mars” Andrew Stanton director (as a Pixar-concept artist), “Alice in Wonderland” Tim Burton (concept artist), “Philippe Petit” Robert Zemekis (concept artist), “Repunsell” Disney Feature (concept artist), “Avatar” James Cameron (Art Director/Concept Designer), “Bee Movie” Dreamworks (Concept Designer/Production Design), “Shark Tale” Dreamworks (Art Director), “Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron” Dreamworks (Layout artist), “Sinbad” Dreamworks (Art Director/Concept Artist), “El Dorado” Dreamworks (Concept Artist/Layout Artist/Background Painter)…


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