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French illustration agency based in Paris, Costume 3 pièces gather a premium team of international illustrators. Representing: Lamarche-Ovize, Alex & Marine, Laura Ancona, Thomas Baas, Florence Blanchard, Serge Bloch, Anne-Lise Boutin, Hélène Builly, Edith Carron, Geoffroy de Crécy, Jeanne Detallante, Gérard Dubois, Charlotte Gastaut, Olaf Hajek, Kerascoët, Stephane Kiehl, Kevin Manach, Vincent Mahé, Jean-François Martin, Christophe Merlin, Gianpaolo Pagni, Alain Pilon, Sébastien Plassard, Frédéric Rébéna, François Roca, Lili Scratchy, Julia Wauters, Lisa Zordan

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  1. says: Jekaterina

    Good afternoon
    My name is Jekaterina Griskjane.
I am a children’s illustrator from Germany.
I work in traditional graphic techniques (watercolor, watercolor pencils, acrylic, gouache, colored pencils, oil pastels and in digital Photoshop and Procreate. 
    Today I want to introduce you one of my last works and show my portfolio.
I think that I could join your team of illustrators and work on an interesting project.
    At the moment I am open to new orders and offers. 
    I would be very glad to work with you.

    Jekaterina Griskjane

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