Popupology, origamic architecture by Elod Beregszaszi

Elod Beregszaszi has just released a Japanese Tea House (Tsunami Relief). This origamic architecture card (hand folded and signed), dimensions: 144mm x 103mm when closed ?(envelope supplied) cost only £10.00, free postage, all profits go to those made homeless by the tsunami in Japan. I’ve just received mine and it’s really a cool little help for Japan!

Elod Beregszaszi is a great artist and paper-engineer. He recently has joined our project « Paper Art trends » and is now featuring in the free iPhone and iPad app. Here is a short interview to learn a bit more about Popupology…

Who are you?
My name is Elod Beregszaszi, I am a paper creative living and working in London and Budapest.

How did you come to work with paper?
Always loved paper as a tactile material, and so when I discovered the potential of paper folding I became immediately hooked. Books by Masahiro Chatani got me started in OA (origamic architecture) about 12 years ago and I have been experimenting ever since.

Can you describe your work, your personal style ?
Technically speaking my work is not classified as origami as my designs utilise cuts along with folds.
I am most interested in collapsible “concertina” models which retain an element of kinetic play through the structure. Essentially the aim is to work from a single sheet of paper with no waste and no gluing, using the economy of means to achieve balanced forms that shift between 2 and 3 dimensions.

What adjectives do you use when speaking of paper?
In a word tactile. The most enjoyable part of the process is the folding and the “teasing” of the paper into the desired shape. It’s all about touch and working in collaboration with the material.

What do you prefer in what you do?
Pretty much every stage from the design (drawing) to the final “collapse” is a joy, the experience is dynamic, meditative and absolutely fulfilling.

In your imagination, is paper hot or cold?
Cold paper warmed by the fingertips.


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